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Calgary Int. Airport to Banff FAQ’s

We share in your excitement to visit Canmore and Banff. We also understand that we are the last leg in a long travel day. With these two points in mind we offer the following services on your journey from Calgary Airport to Canmore and Banff:

DVD Entertainment

Enjoy on screen entertainment as you make your way through the prairies and once in the mountain learn about what makes Banff National Park so special. Just outside Banff we’ll pass some local tips that we feel are worth your while.

Dasha’s Guide

Dash Gaiazova is one of Canada’s top Cross Country Ski Olympians and a resident of Banff. She’s also a Banff Airporter® sponsored athlete. If you’re not lucky enough to have her travelling on the shuttle with, you will be lucky enough to read through her seasonal guide. Dasha understands that many of our travelers will be on foot while in Banff and therefore suggests many activities that can be done without the use of a car. She also recommends her favorite restaurants and shops. Take time to read the guide, download the accompanying map and check out skidash.ca to follow Dasha as she prepares for Sochi 2014. Dasha’s Twitter

The View

The drive from Calgary to Banff is amazing. You’ll spend about 20 minutes in the city, 30 minutes in the praire and foothills and the rest of the time driving through the Canadian Rockies. Some features to look for include:

Local Drivers

We employ and train all of our drivers locally. Your driver likely has a mountain passion like hiking or biking in the summer months and skiing or snowboarding in the winter. Feel free to talk to them. They are excited for your stay. Use them as the inside track for tips on what you’ve got to do while in Banff.

Door to Door Service in Banff

In the Town of Banff we offer door-to-door service. This service is a great convenience to our guests. Some may say that it can lead to a “milk run” around town. We’d like you to know that we’ve been at this for almost two decades. We coordinate each and every pick up or drop off list and frequently will have a second vehicle help with drop offs so that you get to your hotel in the allotted time.

2 Hours Total Travel Time

We’re proud of the service we offer. As good as it is we’ve yet to have someone get off the shuttle and request to ride back to Calgary because they enjoyed the trip so much. To that end we endevour to have you to your desired location in 2 hours or less.

Vehicle Features

With Banff Airporter® you’ll be travelling in style. Check out our vehicle page to see more details.


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